Johnny Vaughan

Unexpected news today that Johnny Vaughan is leaving Capital FM’s Breakfast Show after eight years. Nowhere near the longevity of his predecessor, Chris Tarrant!

It seems he’s leaving with immediate effect. Not that it bothers me, really. At that time of day, I’m at work and the radio station on in the background is very rarely Capital. Often, though, it is another one with the same kind ‘personality’ led music show: a bloke and girl combo where the bloke is the funny one and the girl is the ditzy sidekick who has to laugh at all the bloke’s gags and well-rehearsed ad-libs and one-liners.

Johnny Vaughan said: “I have just loved doing this job but after all these years of getting up in the middle of the night, I really think the time is right to hand over the microphone to someone else. It’s been a joy waking up London every morning and a thrill to have been part of the broadcasting tapestry of this great city.”

On Twitter, Christian O’Connell said: “For record..Johnny Vaughan very very funny and so smart. Was so intimidated by his talent when i took over from him on Fighting Talk. Dont know whats happened and why at Crapital.”

Crapital? I haven’t heard it called that since the early days in the 1970s when it was called Capital Radio and often went off-air at unexpected times. The reason given was that the cleaners would turn up and disconnect some vital piece of equipment so they could plug in the vacuum cleaner. Or maybe that is apocryphal, who knows?

Anyway, Johnny’s off after eight years. Prior to joining Capital, Johnny presented  Channel 4’s Big Breakfast show, which was felt to be close enough in format to a radio programme. He had also worked on the old BBC Radio 5 and on the top BBC station for London, GLR.




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