The Brian Matthew Story

The Sun was out this morning, not particularly warm but certainly bright enough to crank my reactolites up to 11. My glasses have rarely turned so dark, it was hard to see what I was doing.

But I was listening to The Brian Matthew Story broadcast last week on Radio 2. I’ve been listening to him, on and off, since Saturday Club on the old Light Programme in the early 1960s. He’s had an interesting career whch is still going strong with Sounds of the Sixties – apparently the most listened-to show on Radio 2.

I really enjoyed the programme. Until it came to a grinding ha

My downloaded version from BBC iPlayer suddenly stopped before the programme had finished. The file was an hour long but I should have known something was wrong when I heard the last couple of minutes of the preceding programme, Frank Renton’s Listen to the Band. Plus the three-minute long news bulletin.

I notice that the iPlayer extends the files from Radio 4 Extra, presumably to accommodate late running shows. I should write to iPlayer HQ and request the same service from Radio 2.

Interestingly, of the (admittedly very few) TV shows watched on the iPlayer, 100% have started at the beginning and stopped at the end. No premature terminations. End of rant.

Sorry, only one day left to hear (most of) this programme on the iPlayer. But I’m sure it will be repeated sometime. Maybe I’ll hear the whole thing next time!

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