Saturday Live 11/2/2012 + Feedback 10/2/2012

I try to listen to Radio 4’s Saturday Live live on a Saturday, but usually don’t manage. I work most Saturdays, so the only way I can then hear the programme live is by using my phone (it has an FM radio) with the headset (which also acts as an aerial). When I have the headset on, it’s difficult to talk to people in real life. Plus, having the wire dangling, albeit tucked behind shirt buttons, isn’t ideal.

So I record the programme and listen to it later in the day, or more usually, later in the week.

Today’s programme was presented by Anita Anand rather than the usual Rev Richard Coles (he seems to have a lot of holidays).

In today’s programme, Christy Moore talked about his music and his influences and performs a song, a couple describe building a boat from scratch, Alison Bennett talks about their precious object, a coloured blanket,Matt Harvey performed a couple of poems and Rob Bryden chose his inheritance tracks. Intrigued? Well, listen to the show which is available on the BBC iPlayer for a week.

This was a fairly typical show, including some comments from the listening public. One reason for listening live is so that you can, if you choose, send a text message or a tweet.

BBC iPlayer – Saturday Live: 11/2 Christy Moore, Matt Harvey, build a boat couple, matchmaker, Isle of Wight blanket, Rob Brydon’s Inheritance Tracks.

Oh, and while we’re on the subject of iPlayer, I’ve commented before that its radio programmes are abused, not presented at their best, they’re truncated, they include news bulletins that are out of date, trails for other programmes that you’ve missed…

And, oh, the irony… I listened to this week’s Feedback on the iPlayer and the programme finally got going after the end of Last Word, the preceding programme, a preview of Feedback itself and a plug for PM. Irony? Yes, the treatment of radio programmes on iPlayer (compared with TV programmes) is one of the subjects under discussion this week. In particular, they mention The Brian Matthew Story which I wrote about a few days ago.

There’s also a discussion about Saturday Live, what people like and don’t like. The poems are a bit hot and miss, but it would be a shame to see them disappear completely.

I’m not entirely convinced by the excuse given out for this cheap and tawdry service. And why, after hearing 58 minutes of an hour-long programme should I have to get in touch with the BBC, tell them it’s been truncated, wait for them to fix it, then go in and try to pick up the final couple of minutes? By that point, the seven days may have expired. Well, we’ll see. Having a buffer before and after each programme, annoying enough though that may be, would at leats ensure we receive the whole of the programme we’re interested in.

And finally, on a different note, I thought this infographic on the history of radio was quite interesting.


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