BBC local radio

Later in the afternoon, I started listening to Danny Baker on BBC London 94.9. The Candyman’s studio companion today was David Kuo. He’s a financial expert in real life, but in this show he’s allowed to read and abuse listeners’ emails. No matter what the subject matter under discussion, the main entertainment is Dr Kuo’s misread electronic communications.

Other members of the ‘Candy crew’ are Amy Lamé and Baylen Leonard who appear twice a week each. This listeners’ stories are the point of the show, and Danny Baker plays some great music too, come familiar, some not so much. But very rarely do I have to switch off in disgust!

This programme was under threat last year. Well, the whole of the BBC local radio network was under threat when BBC management wanted to slash its budget. But listeners are very loyal to their own local radio stations, they can be a focal point for the community. Following a public outcry and a backlash, the BBC Trust have (so far) told the management to hold their horses.

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