Online radio:

I thought I’d listen to tonight whilst doing my online business, paying bills, answering emails, wasting too much time on Twitter, getting cross with the government again.

Today, suggested I type in, amongst others, Gotye. So I did. It’s not playing solely music by Gotye. No, what I get is so-called ‘Gotye Radio’, so that’s songs by Gotye plus other music which is similar, or music that I might like as well. I can’t work out if it’s generated automatically or if somebody at home his compiled the ‘playlist’ for this particular ‘radio station’. Anyway, these are the tunes I’ve heard so far:

Gotye – Smoke and Mirrors
The Jezabels – Long Highway
The Basics – Have Love, Will Travel
Ball Park Music – IFLY (nsfw)
Sparkadia – Animals
Josh Pyke – Middle Of The Hill
Seeker Lover Keeper – Sinner (my favourite so far)
Selah Sue – Raggamuffin (the most unusual and captivating)
Emma Louise – he broke my heart

They were all OK, but none jumped out really, so they’re not on my ‘must buy’ list. Maybe I’d get a different selection on another occasion. I have in the past bought albums on the basis of hearing just one song, so who knows? And some tracks claimed millions of previous plays. Is that an exaggeration? In any case, I wonder what that translates to in terms of royalties for the artistes in question?

Maybe I just have a bad connection to the internet, but there was an awful lot of buffering. Oh, OK, my computer’s quite old too, so I probably don’t have the best set-up in the world, but I can usually listen to streaming radio without a problem.

For this reason, and because there are so many other options, I probably won’t set up an account here and create my own playlist. Or ‘radio station’. But it’s good to drop in now and then and hear some new tunes. is here.

Earlier today, I was listening again to a few episodes of OGWT40  and it got me thinking about a few things. I think I’ll pursue that line of thought next time. That’s the Old Grey Whistle Test 40th anniversary series hosted by Bob Harris on Radio 2 last Autumn.



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