Neil Fox on Magic FM

Neil Fox was at the Radio Luxembourg reunion that I attended a couple of months ago (see previous post). He didn’t hang around, he had to rush off to see Lionel Richie for his current show, Magic FM’s Breakfast.

Sometimes in the office, I have to listen to ‘Foxy’ (apparently he doesn’t like ‘Dr Fox’ any more) and his sidekick and traffic reporter Verity Geere. I wouldn’t choose to listen to this show at home: it’s the same records every day, maybe in a slightly different order, and the whole show is just, well, pedestrian.

On some of the other stations, I just want the DJs to calm down a bit: how can they possibly be so upbeat this early in the morning, when I’m here in this office performing a boring, repetitive task (sorting and preparing mail for delivery)?

Anyway, back to Foxy.

I try not to pay too much attention to that chat, but I noticed two things this week that made me smile.

He played Louis Armstrong’s What a Wonderful World, which is a great song, as I think most people would agree. But he then went on to tell us how the song was used in the James Bond movie On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, with George Lazenby, and how poignant it was when Bond’s new wife (Diana Rigg) died.

Well, alright, anyone can make a mistake. (The Louis Armstrong song used in that film was actually We Have All The Time In The World. An equally good song.)

I hear the show, if at all, between 6am and about 8.30am, when I leave the office to start my postal delivery. I’ll hear an Abba song most days, Usually Mamma Mia, Take That’s Greatest Day, something by Robbie Williams, something by Adele, all fairly predictable on this radio station whose tagline is ‘More Music, Less Talk’.

Most days, we hear Daydream Believer by the Monkees, the short version with the larking about intro edited out. Daydream Believer has lead vocals by Davy Jones.

Sadly, Davy Jones passed away a couple of days ago, at the age of 66. So, to mark the event, which Monkees song did Neil Fox play?

He chose I’m a Believer. Yes, a song with lead vocals by Micky Dolenz.

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