Ceryl Matthews on 6 Music

Sunday’s a funny day. Some weeks, I get up early because I just can’t get back to sleep. Other weeks, I have a nice, long lie-in. The radio keeps me company of course. The first appointment is with Broadcasting House on Radio 4. Then it’s a challenge to switch over to Cerys Matthew on 6 Music before the Archers’ theme starts.

Yesterday’s programme was broadcast live from the Maida Vale studios, with listeners, actual members of the general public, in attendance. Yes, of course I would have liked to have ebeen there, but, well, I forgot to apply for tickets.

But if I had been there, and Cerys had asked me how long I’d been listening to 6 Music, I would have proudly announced that I was there right at the start. Having no DAB radio, I listened to Phill Jupitus’s first Breakfast show on March 11th, 2002, online, via a dial-up connection.

All kinds of music, including blues, reggae, music from the Balkans and Bolivia, and poetry (I don’t think I’ve heard e e cummings poetry on the radio before: he was a favourite of my teenage self) all presented by an enthusiastic musician. And I’ve always had a soft spot for a Welsh accent, since I fell for Mary Hopkin. Those were the days.

In a nod to the late 1960s Jimmy Young Prog, Cerys occasionally gives us a recipe, usually for something unusual, esoteric, foreign. For example, haggis. Although us veggies are catered for too.

Here’s Cerys’s page.

I was delighted to find a recording of Cerys from about 1995, when, as a member of the great band Catatonia, she was on GLR with Jeremy Nicholas. If I wasn’t scared of BBC lawyers, I’d put it up here somewhere. (Oh, OK, and if I knew how to, that would help.) 


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