Some follow-ups

Well, I had a bit of a moan the other day about The Today Programme and why I don’t/can’t bear to listen to it any more. It seems I am not alone.

This week’s Feedback included a section in which my problems with Today were discussed by other listeners.

BBC Radio 4 Feedback

BBC Radio 6 Music, as they now seem to be calling it, has celebrated its tenth birthday (again) with a show on London’s Southbank Centre. Highlights are being broadcast this very evening on 6 Music, at 10pm. And highlights will be shown on the TV Red Button channle during the week.

6 Music at the Southbank

Johnnie Walker’s Long Players has come to an end, but I’m sure there’ll be another series soon.And I wouldn’t be surprised if the first series is repeated at some point, maybe overnight on 6 Music. The last programme featured Some Girls by the Rolling Stones and Rod Stewart’s Every Picture Tells a Story.

Johnnie Walker’s Long Players – sadly no longer on iPlayer.

It’s hard to keep up with all the good stuff on 4 Extra,even though I receive the newsletter every week

Garrison Keillor’s Radio Show is always entertaining, a couple of good stories and, unusually for 4 Extra, some good music content, mainly bluegrass.

Jerome K Jerome’s Three Men on the Bummel is very funny, and a 3-part radio serialisation has just begun. Well, I say ‘just’ You have a day to grab the first episode on iPlayer.

I’m not as big a fan of science fiction as I used to be, but I do enjoy some old favourites, so I’m looking forward to listening to JG Ballard’s The Drowned World which started a repeat run this week.


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