Jools Holland on Radio 2

Broadly speaking, this weekly programme is in two halves. The first half hour is usually old records, jazz, boogie-woogie, music from the 1920s up to the 1950s. And in the second half, there’s usually a guest talking about their music and playing a couple of tunes.

Last week’s guest was Judie Tzuke whose voice is as delicious as it was when we first heard her all those years ago. If you’re quick, you can catch this show on the iPlayer.

Jools performs with his rhythm Section, I guess a few members of his Big Band. I can only imagine how crowded the studio is.

I also like Later with Jools on BBC2 TV I think there are two series each year plus a special Hootenanny show for new years eve. This is, I think, the only ‘live’ music show on TV at the moment, not a bad replacement for The Old Grey Whistle Test, but it would be nice it it were on every week!

Meanwhile, the radio show is very entertaining and informative, exactly what the BBC should be doing.

Actually, I’m a little cross with Jools. Back in 1999, he said he would chain himself to the piano in the basement to protest against the demise of GLR. He didn’t do so … and look where we are now.

So that’s Jools Holland on Radio 2 Monday nights at 11pm.

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