Pick of the Week

There’s not enough time to listen to everything I’d like to on the radio. So you’d think a programme like Pick of the Week would help fill in the gaps.

Well, it does of course, but equally, it just brings to light programmes I’ve missed and would like to listen to in full.

In other words. it increases the ‘want’ list rather than decreases it.

For example, the most recent edition whetted my appetite for Robert Winston’s Musical Analysis, this particular episode being about Tchaikowsky. Unfortunately, no iPlayer action.

Also, There is Business like Show Business – about musicals which we’ll never see perfomed but which served a purpose, promoting certain products, for instance. It’s not every day you hear a song where the lyrics include ‘appendectomy’ rhyming with ‘hysterectomy’. This one never appeared on the iPlayer either.

Dudley Moore’s World of Jazz was a Radio 2 show that I meant to record for future enjoyment but I forgot – even though I must have heard it railed on Radio 2 at least a couple of dozen times over the last few weeks. And now, it’s no longer on the iPlayer.

It’s a nice mix, Pick of the Week, but there is definitely a bias towards Radio 4, which is, I suppose, fair enough.

My claim to fame is suggesting a clip from BBC London from many years ago: Danny Baker talking to (the late, great) Ken Campbell about the art of ventriloquism. Obviously, this is one that I wish I’d recorded for posterity. Oh well.

Pick of the Week, Radio 4, Sunday 6.15pm.

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