Afternoon Drama – Radio 4

Weekday afternoons at 2.15 on Radio 4, and has been for as long as I can remember, is Afternoon Drama. Usually these are one-off plays but sometimes there’s a serial.

Today was wet. We had at least 12 hours continuous rain, which is unusual, even in England. I thank my lucky stars I wasn’t working in the rain today, but the lovely weatherman says it will be much the same tomorrow.

So to fit it with my dull, grey mood, I listened to a drama today: Erebus. It was broadcast quite a while ago, and it’s no longer available, but I’m glad I squirreled away a copy: literally, for a rainy day, as it goes. It’s billed as “a poetic drama by Jo Shapcott about the search for the North-West Passage.”

I never knew there were so many kinds of ice available to cause trouble in the sea.

And I probably didn’t need to hear about the cannibalism.

Afternoon Drama – Erebus. Look out for it when it’s repeated. Brrr.

I wish I had time to listen to more drama but it’s so much easier to listen to the music shows while I’m doing something else. With drama, I need to concentrate more. Multi-tasking? Well, as I tell my wife: that’s just a good way of messing lots of things up at the same time.

Here’s the Afternoon Drama page and a quick look reveals that out of those available on the iPlayer, I’m most likely to listen to The Biggest Issues as it is about a radio shock jock. I’m not a big fan of shock jocks so I’m hoping this one gets her just desserts… It’s up for another 6 days.

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