Sounds of the 60s

It’s great to listen to radio for the surprises, to hear music that you’ve not heard before and to hear people talking about something interesting that had previously passed you by maybe.

But sometimes, it’s comforting to listen to old favourites, it requires less concentration and it can bring back some marvellous memories. One such programme that i listen to regularly is Brian Matthew’s Sounds of the 60s – a show that has been broadcast for 30 years. It’s the half-a-diamond jubilee, so to speak.

Thankfully, he plays somgs that didn’t make it into the hit parade, it would become boring otherwise. But most of the music does have the 60s vibe to it. Sometimes he’ll play a record, and it will bring back visions of my Mum singing along while stirring the washing in the copper. Yes: a copper fudll of nearly boiling water, Daz, clothes and a big stick to stir it all up. We’d never even heard of washing machines at that time. But the point is, my Mum was a lovely singer, of opo music yes, but especially of old, traditional Scottish folk songs.

But this morning as I belatedly listened to last week’s programme, I was surprised, even shocked, and disappointed: Brian Matthew played a ’60s record that I didn’t like. Some of them I love, they’re great songs, some I like because off the associated memories, the rest are enjoyable and I won’t notice if I never hear them again.

But to hear a record that I chose to fast forward through, well, that’s a first. I won’t name the song, but you have a couple of days in which to listen to the programme – I suspect you’ll be able to work out which song is out of place.

Sounds of the 60s – BBC Radio 2 every Saturday, 8-10am.


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