Bob Harris Country

Despite the drizzle this morning, that threatened a more torrential downpour, I kept my spirits up by listening to the most recent editions of Bob Harris Country.

Last night’s guest was Mary Chapin Carpenter. Her set was really enjoyable and I wouldn’t expect anything else.

Bob’s guest last week was one Carrie Underwood who I’ve probably heard before, but this was the first time I’ve heard her being interviewed. And she came across as a really enthusiatic musician, yes, but she seems to have her head screwed on, and keen to enjoy ‘real life’ as well. She is university educated, recently married, looking forward to having children.

And I thought, what a great girl. Very real.

The big surprise is that she is the winner of the 2005 series of American Idol. Yes, really. Carrie and Bob mentioned it on the programme and Wikipedia confirms it.

Now I’m not a big fan of any of these ‘reality TV’ ‘Talent shows’. It annoys me that what happens in them becomes news items. If I were that interested, I’d watch the programmes.

And whenever I do happen to come across a participant or even a winner from one of these shows, X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent, Pop Idol, the Voice, there’s loads of them, I am invariably underwhelmed by their personality.

So is Carrie Underwood the exception who proves that such programmes can have real value? I suspect she’s a one-off. So, no, I still won’t be watching these programmes on TV. Thanks for asking.

But I will be acquiring some Carrie Underwood music to soothe my ears.

Bob Harris Country – Radio 2 every Thursday 7pm – unusually, this page isn’t being kept up to date. At the time of writing, July 6, it lists ‘sessions coming up’ in February and March.


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