BBC – Radio 4 – The New Elizabethans

This is a long series in which James Naughtie gives us a short profile of 60 prominent British people, who have had a noticeable effect on us during this new Elizabethan era.

The programmes are always interesting, even when I haven’t even heard of the subject before. Yes, it’s obvious that someone must have pioneered and popularised the idea of package holidays, but have you herad the name Vladimir Raitz before? I hadn’t.

Today’s programme was about David Bowie. As a fan, I obviously felt he deserved a longer programme but I think the 15 minutes was pretty good, despite at least one factual error. I don’t think Mr Bowie recorded that duet with Bing Crosby five years after Crosby had died.

Still, it was good to see that he was recognised as one of just 60 New Elizabethans. The good news is, it looks as though this series will be up on the iPlayer for a long time.

BBC – Radio 4 – The New Elizabethans.

One thought on “BBC – Radio 4 – The New Elizabethans

  1. I refer to the interesting transmission “New Elizabethans” which I understand is Mr Naughtie own pet project. One glaring omission is that of Edward Heath, the British Prime Minister who has, as the result of his consistent and energetic endeavours managed to take this country into the European Community (now the EU).

    This great historical change which is recognized as significant for everyone in Europe, has put an end to the continuing historical decline of Britain.

    That fundamental change has engaged the UK in common decisionmaking by all governments and people at European level. Many issues like free movement of people, the environment, the economy, free trade, transport, energy, foreign policy and common standards with have been tacled with substantial benefits to all.

    Is there any particular reason that Mr Naughty has omitted Sir Edward Heath’s individual contribution – or does this Broadcaster and presumably the panel advising him believe that other Europeans will ignore this snub to him? If others are to continue to take the UK seriously due credit needs to be given to the only Prime Minister who really understood us and Europe.

    It may be unpopular to recognize his role but this omission seems more patient of policy under Elizabeth I, than that under Elizabeth II.

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