Dissolution on Radio 4

C J Sansom’s Shardlake novels are amongst the most eagerly awaited in our household. And we are looking forward to hearing this adaptation on Radio 4 starting next Monday, 3rd September at 10.45 am.

Pan Macmillan – C J Sansom’s Dissolution to be broadcast on Radio 4

BBC Radio 4 Extra – Geoffrey Household – Rogue Male

Two hours in the garden today as the temperature reached 30°C was plenty. The thunderstorm that began five minutes after I came indoors was welcome, but now that the rain’s stopped, it still feels hot and clammy. Too hot to do anything other than listen to the radio.

I am delighted to see that Rogue Male is about to be repeated on BBC Radio 4 Extra. This is another of those stories that I like to re-visit every now and then, in whatever format: the origonal novel, the TV dramatisation from the late 1970s or an audio version such as this.

Michael Jayston is a fantastic actor, and he has the perfect voice for the tension- (not action-) packed story. Even though I know how it ends, I’ll be on the edge of the seat again by the time we get there.

The funny thing is, I wasn’t so taken with the sequel, Rogue Justice. I thought that was just a very episodic story of someone crossing European borders, meeting rebels in the various countries, and managing several escapes from capture.

But Rogue Male is well worth listening to: highly recommended, especially if you are unfamiliar with it.

BBC Radio 4 Extra – Geoffrey Household – Rogue Male, Episode 1.

Celtic Music Radio 1530 AM

I’ve been away while the Olympics were on: I think I watched more TV in the last fortnight than I’ve seen since the start of the year. And I’m not even a big sports fan, I just got caught up in the atmosphere, I think!

But back to radio and I have discovered a lovely little station that broadcasts from Glasgow, specialising in Celtic, Scottish, Irish music – although the edges are blurry.

You can listen online, as I have to, and so far, I’ve not been disappointed. Well, the one thing that has bugged me everso slightly is that the adverts asking for donations are maybe a little too frequent.

But congratulations, they got Ken Bruce to do a voiceover for them! The best thing to do is visit their site…

Celtic Music Radio 1530 AM

… and listen online while you read.

Johnnie Walker’s Sounds of the ’70s

This show has a different feel to Sounds of the ’60s, but each brings back memories of a different period of my life.

In the most recent programme, Johnnie Walker talks to Mike Oldfield in depth abouthis first album, Tubular Bells, which is almost 40 years old now. It’s 0on the iPlayer untilk Sunday and I can thoroughly recommend it.

JW’s Sounds of the 70s – Radio 2, Sunday, 3pm

In a previous incarnation, Sounds of the ’70s was presented by Steve harley from Cockney Rebel. I suppose it’s been renamed Johnnie Walker’s Sounds of the ’70s to avoid confusion. Which is why there was a TV series recently, entitled Sounds of the ’70s, apparently edited from its original transmission in the1990s(?)

Anyway, back to Johnnie Walker. His next Sounds of the ’70s programme celebrates the work of The Carpenters.

Can’t get enough Johnnie Walker? Well, he has a webiste at which he “opens the door to an alternative view of the world featuring inspirational and radical thinkers dedicated to improving life on Planet Earth.” Always interesting to hear an alternative point of view.

Alt Johnnie