Johnnie Walker’s Sounds of the ’70s

This show has a different feel to Sounds of the ’60s, but each brings back memories of a different period of my life.

In the most recent programme, Johnnie Walker talks to Mike Oldfield in depth abouthis first album, Tubular Bells, which is almost 40 years old now. It’s 0on the iPlayer untilk Sunday and I can thoroughly recommend it.

JW’s Sounds of the 70s – Radio 2, Sunday, 3pm

In a previous incarnation, Sounds of the ’70s was presented by Steve harley from Cockney Rebel. I suppose it’s been renamed Johnnie Walker’s Sounds of the ’70s to avoid confusion. Which is why there was a TV series recently, entitled Sounds of the ’70s, apparently edited from its original transmission in the1990s(?)

Anyway, back to Johnnie Walker. His next Sounds of the ’70s programme celebrates the work of The Carpenters.

Can’t get enough Johnnie Walker? Well, he has a webiste at which he “opens the door to an alternative view of the world featuring inspirational and radical thinkers dedicated to improving life on Planet Earth.” Always interesting to hear an alternative point of view.

Alt Johnnie


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