Sunday is a brilliant day for radio

I realised that Sunday is quite probably the single best day of the week on BBC radio. Here is a list of what I listened to yesterday ‘live’ and what I’ve recorded for future enjoyment.

12.00 midnight Radio 2 – Bob Harris

9.00am Radio 4 – Broadcasting House

A topical news-based magazine programme with a competition that I enetr once in a blue moon, when i know the answer. It would be wrong to say that I only listen, waiting for the return of Fi Glover.

10.00am 6 Music – Cerys Matthews

11.15am Radio 4 – Desert Island Discs

This week, the guest was Jonathan Agnew. For a 70-year old programme, it’s doing very well, going form strength to strength. Dare I say it: I think Kirsty Young is the best ever presenter.

1.00pm Radio 2 – Elaine Paige

Much of the programme is predictable, Lloyd-Webber, Les Mis, common or garden songs from musicals, but now and then, a great tune turns up. But if not, hearing Elaine’s unique chuckle/chortle brightens up even the dullest, greyest Sunday.

1.30pm Radio 4 – Lyrical Journey

This week, the subject was Eddi Reader’s song ‘Patience of Angels’, written by Boo Hewerdine. I remember when the record first came out in 1994(?): I’m sure Eddi Reader appeared on GLR many times to promite the record, though sadly, I have no such recordings.

3.00pm Radio 4 – The Real George Orwell

‘A journey exploring the man Eric Blair and the writer George Orwell’ – drama and stories written by and about George Orwell.

3.00pm Radio 2 – Johnnie Walker’s Sounds of the ’70s

4.00pm 6 Music – Jarvis Cocker’s Sunday Service

6.15pm Radio 4 – Pick of the Week

A good way of finnding some interesting programmes that I would have missed otherwise. I usually hear it in time to get something off the iPlayer, but there have been several misses over the years. They have played one of my suggestions, once. Although I suspect many listeners nominated the same item.

8.00pm Radio 4 – Feedback

Though I usually try to catch this programme on its first outing on friday evening. It’s the radio version of ‘Points of View’ only much better. Ancompliants about (or indeed praise for) the BBC and its output is welcome here.

10.00pm 6 Music – Guy Garvey’s Finest Hour

He read out one of my emails once and so immediately became my number one topmost favourite radio presenter DJ of all time, ever. But apart from that, this, along with all the other 6 Music shows today, quite easily ticks the box that says ‘they place the music you don’t know you want to listen to’.

11.00pm Radio 2 – The David Jacobs Collection

Old time records, most of the songs predate even my parents’ era, but every now and then there’s a real gem, and the fact that it’s 60 years old really doesn’t matter. I met hime once, at Kingston Readers’ Festival. He asked for directions to the lav.

I also caught bits of Paul O’Grady, Clare Balding, Michael Ball, Russell Davis, Mary Anne Hobbs and 1.5 seconds of the Archers theme tune, that being how long it takes to jump across the room the switch to 6 Music.

Please Please Me

It was fifty years ago today, Sgt Pepper taught the band to play… Oh hang on, that’s not right. No, it was fifty years ago today that The Beatles recorded their first album, ‘Please Please Me’ at the Abbey Road studios. The whole album, recorded in one day.

To commemorate this historic day, BBC Radio 2 are re-recording the album during the day, with artistes such as Gabriella Aplin, Stereophonics, Joss Stone, Difford and Tilbrook and others.

I arrived home from work in time to hear Stereophonics singing I Saw Her Staning There, during the Jeremy Vine Show. Steve Wright’s on as I type and at about 3.30, we’ll hear Joss Stone sing A Taste of Honey.

There’ll be more during Simon Mayo’s Drivetime show and especially during Jo Whiley’s programme later on.

Here’s the official page which is being updated continually during the day, with photos as well.

Read The Independent article. And the BBC’s own news.

The Horne Section

We were lucky enough to get tickets for a recording of The Horne Section a few nights ago. The first series was broadcast on Radio 4 last year, this is the second series. And it was a fun show: the hour and a quarter of entertainment will be edited down to a mere half an hour.

In any case, I was just excited and pleased because these were the first tickets we’ve acquired for any BBC show for a very long time!

And, the first visit to the Radio Theatre, in Broadcasting Hose, for many years, too.

horne sectionNot the best photo in the world, but obviously cameras and recording equipment are banned. But you can see the participants, sort of: Alex Horne, some of the very talented band, and the show’s guest, Phill Jupitus.

It is primarily a comedy show but making good use of the very talented band, three members of which are apparently school friends of Alex Horne’s.

Radio 4 – the Horne Section. This also links to their official site and Twitter accounts. The new series starts on February 24th.