The Horne Section

We were lucky enough to get tickets for a recording of The Horne Section a few nights ago. The first series was broadcast on Radio 4 last year, this is the second series. And it was a fun show: the hour and a quarter of entertainment will be edited down to a mere half an hour.

In any case, I was just excited and pleased because these were the first tickets we’ve acquired for any BBC show for a very long time!

And, the first visit to the Radio Theatre, in Broadcasting Hose, for many years, too.

horne sectionNot the best photo in the world, but obviously cameras and recording equipment are banned. But you can see the participants, sort of: Alex Horne, some of the very talented band, and the show’s guest, Phill Jupitus.

It is primarily a comedy show but making good use of the very talented band, three members of which are apparently school friends of Alex Horne’s.

Radio 4 – the Horne Section. This also links to their official site and Twitter accounts. The new series starts on February 24th.


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