End of year recommendations

Happy new year to you all, I hope your enjoyment of radio goes from strength to strength.

Here are just a few recommendations in case you’re at a loose end over the next day or two.

Erin McKeown has a new album out and it is terrific. It was crowd-funded and well worth the eight-month wait. She deals with some important isues of the day, but even apart from that, the songs just sound good.
NPR – First Listen – Erin McKeown – Manifestra

As mentioned previouly, Mike Harding has a new weekly Folk Music programme, now on the internet. Last night at 5pm, 27,000 of us logged into The Mike Harding Show – and promptly crashed the server! Apparently, it’s all fixed now, and his Podcast #1 is avaialble for your enjoyment, an hour of good music uninterrupted by news, weather, sport, traffic and trails.

On a totally different note, the Today programme on Radio 4 a couple of days ago included a fascinating discussion between presenters John Humphrys and Ed Stourton with guest editor Dame Ann Leslie about their religious beliefs and experience. It will be on the iPlayer until 5/1/2013. Skip to 42 minutes.

And on a lighter note, Danny Baker with Baylen Leonard presented a show of songs from Broadway and beyond. It was a fun listen, a one-off show on Radio 2 but, who knows, maybe there’ll be another show when the next holiday season encourages the regualr presenters to take a break 😉
Danny Baker on Radio 2 available until 4/1/2013.

New year’s resolutions are all the rage. Well, mine generally tend to be variations on “be more tidy” and “be more organised”. My “list of things to do” is quite long, so if it’s shorter by the end of the year, that’ll be a bonus. And I must try harder not to squeeze everything in. There really isn’t time to read all the newspaper articles I want to, there isn’t time to read all the books I want to, there isn’t time to listen to all the radio, watch all the TV and films I want to. So my resolution is to (at least try) not to feel guilty about the things that go by the wayside. Good luck to you with any changes to your lifestyle and besst wishes for 2013.

The latest news

I’ll be going through the listings soon to plan my Christmas-time radio listening. I do know that Tour de France and Olympic Time Trial Champion (not to mention Sports Personality of 2012) Bradley Wiggins will be on 6 Music with Paul Weller.

Danny Baker is the new Elaine Paige. Yes, together with Baylen Leonard, the Candyman will be playing music from the shows on Radio 2, sometime over Christmas.

Mike Harding’s final show on Radio 2 will be broadcast on December 26. But then, just a few days later, he’ll be producing a weekly one-hour long podcast online – there’s not much information as I write, but I anticipate this will be very similar to his RAdio 2 show: music, chats and gig lists. But no trails. And no news. Might as well bookmark the site.

And finally for now, it was announced today that in the new year, Jon Holmes will be presenting the Breakfast Show on Xfm.

Here’s the full story.

That’s it for now: I thought I’d drop in and see how the old blog’s holding up, I’ve been away for a while.


Danny Baker on Radio 2 Breakfast Show?

As usual, I’ve been listening to Danny Baker on BBC London 94.9 this afternoon. My minor contribution today was to send a photograph of a Channel 4 logo made out of umbrellas.

But the main bombshell was towards the end of the show. Danny announced that for a week in April, he, Amy and Baylen would be presenting the BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show for a week, while Chris Evans is on holiday.

Now, I would love that. except, of course, I can’t hear the Radio 2 Breakfast Show while I’m at work. I have to put up with Heart or Magic or Jackie, or worse, Kiss or Capital. In fact, from my point of view, it might be a bad move, since I doubt they’ll also be broadcasting on BBC London in the afternoon as well.

Yes, I’m aware that Vanessa Feltz manages an early morning breakfast show on Radio 2 then skips down the corridor to broadcast a morning phone-in based show on BBC London, but that’s Vanessa.

While I would welcome Danny and the team on Radio 2, I can already feel the wrath of the larger Radio 2 audience who can’t see further than buffoon Danny Baker from many years ago. They’re probably still in shock from when Chris Evans took over the Breakfast Show.

I know, I know: it might all be a big joke. In the same way that Robert Smith of The Cure is going to be a guest on Wednesday. “Not this Wednesday? Oh, OK, we’ll let you know when.”