Celtic Connections 2012

Celtic Connections is, I believe, the first music festival of the year. Actually, it’s described thus:

“Scotland’s premier winter music festival. Held in Glasgow and featuring favorite acts and the best new talent in more than 300 events over 18 days including concerts, ceilidhs, workshops, club-nights, and talks.”

I’m in England so I don’t see or hear much about the festival, but I did catch some of the output on BBC Radio 2 and Radio 3.

But again <rant mode on> radio is treated badly compared with TV.

As I write, just one of the Radio 3 programmes is still available on the iPlayer. This is due to the default 7 day limit. However, there is a lot of video available. Which is great. Much of the festival was shown on TV in Scotland. but not here in England. So while it’s great to see it online, it would have been nice to see some, at the time.

This morning, I listened to Gerry Rafferty Remembered, a tribute to Gerry who died about a year ago. I was surprised that I recognised so many songs, even though I haven’t heard them for many years. But it was a lovely show, very respectful, and I’ll keep it for a while, even if the BBC can’t.

I’m also (very belatedly) listening to the four World on 3 programmes broadcast on Radio 3. There were two programmes on Radio 2, but I only heard one of them.

It’s possibly a moving target, but this is the BBC’s Celtic Connections homepage so nip over there, and catch at least some of it while you can.