BBC World Service celebrates 80th birthday

This is becoming a very interesting year for anniversaries and special events.

Never mind the Olympics in London later on, nor the Queen’s diamond jubilee. They’ll be great in their own way, I’m sure. But there are a few much more significant anniversaries from the point of view of this particular blog!

I’ve already mentioned the 10th birthday of BBC 6 Music, and the concert I’ve been unable to acquire tickets for. More here, straight from the horse’s mouth.

And it’s also the 70th anniversary of Desert Island Discs, which was celebrated earlier when each of the BBC local radio stations broadcast a special programme featuring Desert Island Discs from some of their listeners, along with, in some cases, some heart-breaking stories. Some more here. In particular, you may recall the anniversary guest was Sir David Attenborough.

Next up is the BBC World Service, which is 80 years old this year. There is some interesting special programming on February 29th, described here: BBC World Service celebrates 80th birthday.

The World Service will be moving out of Bush House at the end of the year and will join radio colleagues in the equally iconic Broadcasting House.

I have been inside Bush House a couple of times. Once was when GLR were temporarily based there while its Marylebone High Street studios were being refurbished for the benefit of GLR’s replacement, BBC London Live. And then there was a Radio Academy event at which luminaries such as Nick Ferrari and Nick Higham discussed radio phone-ins.

Oh, and one day, I was walking by and spotted through the window the top band Busted being interviewed for a TV show. (Whatever happened to Busted?!)

Busted being interviewed for a 'Celebrity Chat Show'PS It’s Fi Glover’s birthday on February 27th, she’s 21 again, so send her a suitable message 😉