Radio 2 – Is It Worth It?

1982 and I was briefly, but genuinely concerned that I might be called up to fight in the war against Argentina over some roxcks in the Soth Atlantic that we call the Falkland Islands and they call Malvinas.

Like many, I suspect, I was torn between seeing the need to defend ourselves against the Argentinians and wondering why the heck we thought some islands thousands of miles away belonged to us in the first place.

It was many years later that I came to know the song Shipbuilding and I like every versiuon I’ve heard so far, especially Tasmin Archer’s, though that one seldom gets played now.

“30 years on from the Falklands conflict, Annie Nightingale considers the impact of the war through the song Shipbuilding.”

BBC – BBC Radio 2 Programmes – Is It Worth It?

In June 1982, I happened to be on holiday in Plymouth when the first ship from the Falklands Task Force returned. Despite my anti-war feelings, it was no doubt a moving experience, especially knowing how many service personnel would not be returning.

Return of the first Task Force ship from the FalklandsWhat a shame the photograph has faded after 30 years, even if the memories haven’t.

PS I just found out that one of my favourite new bands The Unthanks will be recording Shipbuilding soon. Something to look forward to.