The Listening Project

Walking along the road, or travelling on a bus or train, you sometimes hear the most bizarre conversations taking place. You’re interested but don’t want them to see you’re eavesdropping. Well, that’s all about to change, as this fascinating new project begins any day now.

‘The Listening Project’ is a joint enterprise between the BBC and the British Library. they want our conversations recorded. BBC local radio is involved and the various local radio stations will broadcast some of these items. BBC Radio 4 will, presumably, broadcast the best and most interesting from all over the country.

The Listening Project website gives more details, including some tips on how to record your conversation, should you want to participate. Personally, I’d probably clam up as soon as you turn the microphone on, and I’m sure I’m not alone in this. I hope it’s not just extroverts and those with a great level of self confidence who take part.

The first programme will be on Radio 4 on Friday 30th March at 12:52.

The wonderful Fi Glover spoke about the project on Lauren Laverne’s 6 Music show last week, and will be introducing the Radio 4 programmes.

Ooh, look, here’s Fi.

The Listening Project

Solar flares and other phenomena

A few interesting but unrelated news items that caught my eye today.

If your radio signal cuts out, it may be due to solar flares. this may also apply to TV and phone signals.

Solar flares? They might happen, but you won’t see it –

BBC Radio 4 are listening to us all with a view to making a new series documenting our every day conversations. Now this could be a really interesting idea, or it could be the radio equivalent of TV’s Big Brother. I’ll give it a listen when it starts, not least because it’s being hosted by the wonderful Fi Glover.

Radio 4 to record and broadcast thousands of conversations across UK – The Guardian

Gary Crowley is to join Amazing Radio. I usually hear him on BBC London although does trun op on 6 Music from time to time. He was also on GLR back in the day (that’s one of his catchphrases by the way) bit he left to be amongst the first at Xfm.

Amazing Radio is a digital station which broadcasts music from new, up and coming artistes, as suggested n=by the audience in many cases.

Gary Crowley joins Amazing Radio line-up – Radio Today

Listen to Amazing Radio here.

And finally: I’ve mentioned before, 6 Music is celebrating its 10th birthday. With that in mind, watch this:

Sian Williams to join Saturday Live

I’ve seen Sian Williams present the BBC 1 Breakfast Show a few times over the years, but I’ve never been a regular viewer. If I’m up at that time, the radio will usually be on instead. And in any case, most days I’m at work while all this breakfast TV is taking place.

But Sian has decided not to move to Salford with her co-presenter Bill Turnbull and the rest of the team.

Instead, she will return to Radio 4 to co-present Saturday Live with the Rev Richard Coles. I’ve been a fan of the programme since it started a few years ago, originally presented by the delightful Fi Glover. I try to listen live each week, but I work five Saturdays out of six, so it’s quite difficult.

I was able to listen using the FM radio on my mobile phone, using the headset which also acted as the antenna. This worked well, until one day at work, a mouse decided to eat my headset. It was in several pieces, and proved to be impossible to replace, unless I obtained a whole new phone.

As a backup, my digital TV recorder is set up to record Saturday Live every week, and it’s 90% reliable.

I do have a new phone now, but when I’m at work, I tend to listen to it via the loudspeaker rather than the headset. The sound quality is nowhere near perfect, of course, but when there’s traffic in the background, and other extraneous noise, it doesn’t really matter. Plus, of course, not wearing a headset, it’s much easier to talk to people.

But I digress. this is a major news item about Saturday Live acquiring a new presenter, and being extended:

BBC News – Sian Williams to rejoin Radio 4 from BBC Breakfast.