GLR – Where are they now?

It’s a well-known fact that GLR was probably the best radio station that there has ever been. Ever. It went off the air in March 2000 but its memory lingers on. Here’s a quick update on some of the old GLR presenters: where are they now? Most of the updates come from Twitter.

David Hepworth has announced this week that the music magaize The Word will publish its final edition next month. It’s been going for nine years, and I feel slightly guilty that I haven’t bought every edition nor subscribed to it. But then, I haven’t been buying or subscribing to other music magazines either. There’s just too much other stuff going on, I haven’t got the time. It’s one of those magazines that I really enjoy when I do dig into it. Crikey, it takes all week for me to get through Saturday’s Guardian newspaper.

Danny Baker usually broadcasts on BBC London 94.9 on weekday afternoons and on 5 Live on Saturday mornings. But he’s taking a couple of months off as he is working with Jim Henson’s company writing the scripts for their new project, “No Strings Attached“. And we mustn’t forget, his long-awaited autobiography will be published… eventually.

Gary Crowley has been sitting in on BBC London for the last couple of weeks and continues to present his Saturday 1970s/1980s show there.

Jeremy Nicholas continues to speak after dinner and to present some funny items for the BBC East Midland local news. His main job is to be the stadium announcer for West Ham. But just last night, he was the announcer at a Twenty20 cricket match at Trent Bridge. His book “Mr Moon Has Left the Building” is a fantastic read, very funny, even for a non-football fan such as me.

Emma Freud is currently working on the latest Richard Curtis movie “About Time” which I have traveled into the future to watch, and I can highly recommend it. She is also a regular contributo to Radio 4’s Loose Ends, and her recent interview with Simon Le Bon was fantastic, very funny and one that I, unusually, listenedto a second time. And I’m not even that big a Duran Duran fan.

Not to be outdone, Gideon Coe recently reported that he is to be the DJ at his son’s school’s Summer fair. Oh, OK, he still presents a great show on 6 Music at 9pm Monday to Thursday.

Solar flares and other phenomena

A few interesting but unrelated news items that caught my eye today.

If your radio signal cuts out, it may be due to solar flares. this may also apply to TV and phone signals.

Solar flares? They might happen, but you won’t see it –

BBC Radio 4 are listening to us all with a view to making a new series documenting our every day conversations. Now this could be a really interesting idea, or it could be the radio equivalent of TV’s Big Brother. I’ll give it a listen when it starts, not least because it’s being hosted by the wonderful Fi Glover.

Radio 4 to record and broadcast thousands of conversations across UK – The Guardian

Gary Crowley is to join Amazing Radio. I usually hear him on BBC London although does trun op on 6 Music from time to time. He was also on GLR back in the day (that’s one of his catchphrases by the way) bit he left to be amongst the first at Xfm.

Amazing Radio is a digital station which broadcasts music from new, up and coming artistes, as suggested n=by the audience in many cases.

Gary Crowley joins Amazing Radio line-up – Radio Today

Listen to Amazing Radio here.

And finally: I’ve mentioned before, 6 Music is celebrating its 10th birthday. With that in mind, watch this: