Weekend shuffle for BBC Radio 6 Music

First, I invite you to read this article.

Weekend shuffle for BBC Radio 6 Music : Radio Today.

I thought that was easier than me trying to regurgitate all that news!

But it all looks good to me. I remember listening to Gilles Peterson on the old, original Jazz FM, in the 1990s. When it played jazz, and when it was actually on FM! I think he and Jez Nelson had a late night show called Somethin’; Else – which is, of course, now the name of his production company. Taken form a Prince song, if I remember.

And it’s interesting that one of the commenters has mentioned that Gilles’s show is up against Peter Young playing the same kind of music on Jazz FM, which is no on DAB and online only.

And said Peter Young I remember listening to especially on the overnight show on mid to late 1970s Capital Radio, when I was a computer operator working nights. I think his must have been one of the first phone-ins. By heck, he got some strange people phoning up.

Later on, I caught up with Peter Young on my really local radio station, the one for Southwest London, radio Jackie – although come to think of it, it may have been called Thames Radio at the time.

But back to the schedule changes at 6 Music. I don’t listen to all of the shows mentioned, although I have heard them all from time to time. Obviously, I’d love to listen to 6 Music all day and all weekend, but there aren’t enough hours in the day. Plus, I don’t have DAB and internet installed everywhere I need to be!

I feel bad that Chris Hawkins is moving away from London after 15 years. I still owe him a pint from when we met several years ago, so the chances of me buying that pint are now even more remote. I first heard him on the old GLR early breakfast show, although he had previously worked as the DJ in the Capital Café in Leicester Square. This café no longer exists, although the radio station is still located in that building.

I hear some of ;’The Hawk’s’ 6 Music show in the mornings before work sometimes, so only about half an hour of it. Even though I can’t join in with his fun and games, I’m really pleased that so many other people do so.

But Saturday afternoons will be different. The humour of Jon Holmes has been a great accompaniment to messing about on the computer: emails, Facebook, Twitter, eBay, all the usual suspects, so it will be interesting to see how Gilles Peterson’s mix of music works at that time of day. Even though he’s been on Radio 1 for 13 years, I still have this mental image of him on the old Jazz FM, in a smoky room, playing some great jazz, late at night.


Robert Elms – BBC London

I’ve been listening to Robert Elms on and off for nearly twenty years, since he was on GLR and Loose Ends on Radio 4, for instance.

Because of work commitments, I rarely manage to hear a whole show, but I did today.There was a section talking about television. Not TV programmes, but about the technology and the fact that we in London will experience the digital switchover in April. the end of an era: no more analogue TV, all digital.

Maxwell Hutchinson was on today too. He’s been a regular guest for as long as I can remember. He shares a high level of enthusiasm for London, its history, its people and places. Maxwell is an architect and can probably tell you about almost every single building in the city.

And today’s guest was Meat Loaf who has a new record out, which sounds pretty good, entitled ‘Hell in a Handbasket’. Yes, who would have guessed that Meat Loaf would have the word Hell in an album title!

Another feature that I like is Listed Londoner, in which a person of note answers 15 questions about London, what they like and don’t like about this wonderfully interesting city of ours. Yesterday, the Listed Londoner was one of my favourite actors, Timothy Spall, so I am downloading that from the iPlayer since a reliable source described to me as being one of the best ever.

I have met Maxwell a couple of times: once when the statioin was GLR, and once when it was named LDN.


Robert can be annoying at times though, it must be said. He famously doesn’t like the Beatles, on the basis that they wrote some children’s songs. Nothing wrong with not liking the Beatles of course, but he doesn’t have to keep telling us: that’s what makes us think he’s just being controversial for the sake of it. And he tells us what kind of shoes he’s wearing a little too frequently.

Other than that, he fits the BBC bill pretty well: he’s entertaining, informative and educational.

BBC set for U-turn over local radio cuts after outcry from listeners and MPs | Media | The Guardian

Well, this is good news. It is becoming a bit boring, though, to be honest. Every now and then, the BBC, for whatever reason, decides it has to cut back on its radio stations. This time, it’s the whole of the BBC local radio network, some 40 stations. Last year it was BBC 6 Music, the DAB digital station.

And many years ago, the ‘Save GLR Campaign’ managed to increase the audience figures for the ‘local’ station for London at a time when its own publicity machine was to all intents and purposes non-existent.

‘Delivering Quality First’ is the heading under which the BBC is making cuts to many of its services. One of the many arguments against cutting back on the local radio services is: how come such gems as BBC 3’s ‘Snog, Marry, Avoid’ is still going?

The BBC should be making and broadcasting programmes, on TV as well as on radio, that the commercial sector wouldn’t touch with a barge-pole. It should not be copying ITV’s output, it should be innovating. People are quite rightly cross that the BBC is going to start showing ‘The Voice’ which is a copy of ITV’s ‘The X Factor’, and if stories are to be believed, its judges, possibly including one Kylie Minogue will be paid millions of pounds – money which would easily keep the threatened local radio stations going for several months.

I’m not the biggest fan of BBC London, apart from those bits still left over from its predecessor, the aforementioned GLR, but it too has its own loyal following. And I’m sure the same can be said for the other local radio stations.

BBC set for U-turn over local radio cuts after outcry from listeners and MPs | Media | The Guardian.

As some of the comments make clear, the Director General Mark Thompson doesn’t come out of this well. He is so out of touch with the BBC’s audience, he really shouldn’t be in that position.

Johnny Vaughan

Unexpected news today that Johnny Vaughan is leaving Capital FM’s Breakfast Show after eight years. Nowhere near the longevity of his predecessor, Chris Tarrant!

It seems he’s leaving with immediate effect. Not that it bothers me, really. At that time of day, I’m at work and the radio station on in the background is very rarely Capital. Often, though, it is another one with the same kind ‘personality’ led music show: a bloke and girl combo where the bloke is the funny one and the girl is the ditzy sidekick who has to laugh at all the bloke’s gags and well-rehearsed ad-libs and one-liners.

Johnny Vaughan said: “I have just loved doing this job but after all these years of getting up in the middle of the night, I really think the time is right to hand over the microphone to someone else. It’s been a joy waking up London every morning and a thrill to have been part of the broadcasting tapestry of this great city.”

On Twitter, Christian O’Connell said: “For record..Johnny Vaughan very very funny and so smart. Was so intimidated by his talent when i took over from him on Fighting Talk. Dont know whats happened and why at Crapital.”

Crapital? I haven’t heard it called that since the early days in the 1970s when it was called Capital Radio and often went off-air at unexpected times. The reason given was that the cleaners would turn up and disconnect some vital piece of equipment so they could plug in the vacuum cleaner. Or maybe that is apocryphal, who knows?

Anyway, Johnny’s off after eight years. Prior to joining Capital, Johnny presented  Channel 4’s Big Breakfast show, which was felt to be close enough in format to a radio programme. He had also worked on the old BBC Radio 5 and on the top BBC station for London, GLR.