Hawaiian 105

Sometimes you just need to listen to something totally different. You might want some happy, sunshiney music, the sound of people having a good time.

I can recommend listening to Hawaiian 105 for a short while. It’s not all about surfing, there are instruments other than ukuleles. And other than Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, I probably couldn’t name any of the artistes who are played on a regular basis.

It brings back fantastic memories of our holiday recently on Oahu, somehow the rhythms conjure up the sandy beach, the crashing waves, the blue sky and the warmth of the Sun.

So far, I haven’t listened long enough or frequently enough to be annoyed by the adverts. Hawaii is eleven hours behind UK time, so we get their breakfast music in the evening. “Wake up every weekday morning with Billy V from 5am to 10am!Hawaiian 105 KINE…The Hawaiian Music Station, Playing the Best MIX of Yesterday & Today.”

Hawaiian 105.com