I’m back

It’s been a while, but I’m back, and I am pleased to suggest a few things to look forward to on the radio next week.

A new series of Johnnie Walker’s Long-players. The first episode features Peter Gabriel’s album ‘So’. Everyone’s favourite track is, I’m sure, ‘Don’t give up’, a duet with Kate Bush. It’s on BBC Radio 2 next Tuesday, 2nd October at 10pm.

Here it is.

There are some clips from the first series here.

Over on BBC 4 Extra, there’s a mini fest featuring Kenny Everett.

On Monday 1st October, a Captain Kremmen serial – 25 episodes in all.

Tomorrow, Saturday 29th September, Here’s Kenny – Old friends help Mark Paytress delve into the life of a true radio pioneer, and unearth some surprises!

If you can tear yourself away from the radio to watch some TV, on Wednesday,  3rd October, there’s Best Possible Taste – The Kenny Everett Story on BBC4.

Meet David Sedaris on BBC Radio 4 on Sunday 30th September at 7.15pm. He is a very funny writer, very dry at times, and always tells a good story.

Meanwhile, I still have a backlog of The New Elizabethans to catch up on, and fortunately, all 60 episodes will remain on the iPlayer for a year.

I also have a few Proms to listen to plus several episodes of Rogue Male which was on 4 Extra during August and September.

It’s hard keeping up when there’s so much sport on TV – and I’m certainly not the biggest sports fan in the world. But what with the Tour de France, Olympics, Paralympics, Vuelta a España and the Tour of Britain, I reckon that’s my ration for the year.