Save the Treehouse – continued

Danny Baker’s BBC London show axed, shock, horror (part 2).

Well, who knew this 2 hours of radio would be so… interesting … to the rest of the world. Yes, world. For a while on Twitter, apparently, ‘Danny Baker’ was trending worldwide. Along with ‘Christmas.Blimus.

But the news made it to Radio 4’s PM programme two days running, catch the shows here:
Thursday 1st November from about 55min10sec.
Friday 2nd November from about 43min00sec.

The latter is a very short extract from David Robey’s appearance on Vanessa Feltz’s morning show on BBC London. The whole half hour segment can be heard here:
Vaness Feltz on BBC London from about 2hr26min00sec.

David Robey is the Managing Editor of BBC London 94.9. After all these years, he still has the knack of talking down to the listeners but not listening to what they’re actually saying. And he seems proud of the fact that he doesn’t talk to Danny Baker himself, he speaks to Danny’s agent.

And on the Today programme, the lads had a jolly good laugh at the goings-on. Not sure Justin Webb entirely understood what was happening, to be honest.
The Today programme from about 2hr24min00sec.

As ever, these programmes are available on the iPlayer for 7 days after broadcast.

Here’s a fascinating discussion on DigitalSpy.

Not convinced by this Independent article which takes the story in a different direction.

Daily Record.

How NPR reported the furore, some say contretemps, some say brouhaha.

I’ll miss the afternoon show, that’s for sure. But he was back on air this morning as usual, BBC Radio 5 Live.

Leap for PM

Tonight’s the night: Leap for PM on PM on BBC Radio 4.

The programme will be presented by Eddie Mair and Robert Peston. I can’t decide whether I want their so-called feud to be over. Or whether there’ll be a bust-up invoking mental images from the movie Women in Love…

Listen to the PM Programme on Radio 4 here.

And to all the girls planning on asking that question on this 29th February: good luck!



Radio 4 – Leap for PM

Listening to BBC Radio 4’s PM, the late afternoon news programme. Eddie Mair wants us to do something special on February 29th, this being an extra day that we should make good use of. This could be something trivial on your ‘to-do’ list, or you could plan to do something really special or unusual.

I’m sure there’ll be more about this exciting opportunity over the next few weeks.

Here’s the website. So get thinking! I don’t know what I’ll be doing yet – but for now, I’ve just added it to my ‘to-do’ list.