BBC News – Record ratings for digital radio stations

Here’s the news article straight from the horse’s mouth:
BBC News – Record ratings for digital radio stations.

But in summary, BBC 6 Music, the Asian Network and Radio 4 Extra have all gained more listeners during the last three months.

Absolute Radio has the highest proportion of listeners tuning in via digital means rather than analogue, FM.

In London, Capital Radio beat RAdio 1 at breakfast time. Chris Moyles’s final quarter saw a continuing decline in his audience.

Overall, it appears that radio continues to attract more listeners and for longer periods each week.

I’ve never been asked but I know my listening habits are well above average. As I’ve said before, there is literally not enough time for me to listen to everything I want to. Yes, I still find time to watch TV, but that is seldom as satisfying. Homeland is great, though, very intense.

But given the time constraints, I’m afarid I didn’t even try to listen to Radio 2’s collection of Beatles programmes broadcast during October. As big a Beatles fan as I am, after all this time, i think I’d rather listen to their music than listen to even more people talking about them and their stories and their influences.

Last weekend’s Bob Harris show was brilliant, from my point of view. He played records by so many of my favourites: Frank Zappa, The Shadows, Steely Dan, Ruarri Joseph, Sam Cook, Tasmin Archer, John Lee Hooker, not to mention studio guests Robert Cray and Martin Stephenson. Here’s the playlist. Never let it be said that Bob Harris doesn’t play folk music! As I write, there is a day and a half to listen to the programme on the iPlayer.


The Story of Pop

I just came across this series being re-broadcast on BBC 6 Music.

The Story of Pop, presented by (the late, great and much missed) Alan Freeman.

No idea how I’ve missed it, and all its promotional trails for 32 weeks, but there you go: there’s just too much radio to listen to!

I’m listening to episode 33, yes, 33, named ‘Philly Groove’ in which he celebrates the music that emerged from the city of Philadelphia and in particular the Philadelphia International record label.

Now I know I’m old, but I can remember a series on Radio 1 in 1973 also named The Story of Pop. If I remember correctly, it was a 13-part series, broadcast on a Sunday afternooon, and accompanied by a nice glossy magazine. At this point ‘pop music was only 18 years old. Yes, i know, it epends on how you define ‘pop’ and ‘rock’n’roll’ etc, but at this time, the mid 1950s was fairly well accepted, given Rock Around the Clock and so on.

But this new series is a massive 52-parter, but not having heard it either when first broadcast in 1994, nor more recently on 6 Music, I don’t know if it’s an extension of the original, or a whole new enterprise.

Here’s the 6 Music Story of Pop page. It’s on at 3am which is no use to me (I’m pushing up the zeds for another couple of hours at that point) but follow the links, each episode is on iPlayer for the usual  7 days.