Sony Radio Academy Awards 2012: Winners and nominees in full – Media News – Digital Spy

I can do no better than point you to the full runners and riders from last night’s Sony Awards. I tied watching online, but it was decided that a sound-only stream would be provided, such is the nature of radio.

Sony Radio Academy Awards 2012: Winners and nominees in full – Digital Spy.

I blogged when the nominations were announced on March 30th. So how did my preferences get on? All I can say is: this is why I stay out of betting shops.

Very surprised and disappointed that Kiss Breakfast with Rickie, Melvin and Charlie won the Breakfast Show of the Year (10 million plus). Partly becaus it has no appeal to me and partly because: does it really attract over 10 million listeners?

Best Music Programme went to Fearne Cotton on Radio 1. I’ve not heard the show and have chosen not to because, whenever she’s on TV, at Glastonbury, say, she tends to over-use the word ‘amazing’ – to the point ehere nothing is amazing. It’s like having a boss whose every job is ‘urgent’. In the end, none of them can be, you just do what you can.

Adam and Joe won silver for Best Entertainment Programme. Hooray!

Chris Evans, Lauren Laverne and Christian O’Connell won gold, silver and bronze respectively for Music Radio Personality of the Year. Can’t really argue with that.

Jools Holland is Music Broadcaster of the Year. This is one show that keeps me entertained whjile at work, well, for an hour a week, anyway.

Danny Baker won Speech Radio Personality of the Year for his 5 Live show. And as I write, I’m listening to him on BBC London where he is berating the folks there for not being in raptures at his success, and for not putting this show forward. He just played an old GLR jingle by way of making some kind of point.

Best Comedy went to Mark Steel’s In Town on Radio 4. I do like Mark Steel but so far, I’ve managed to miss this particular show. I’m sure I’ll catch up with it on Radio 4 Extra.

A Tale of Two Cities got the bronze for Best Drama. When I first mentioned it, I hadn’t heard it. I’ve since heard one episode, and regret to say, I didn’t get on with it.

And UK Station of the Year is BBC Radio 6 Music which is terrific news. And to think a couple of years ago, it was under the threat of being closed down due to some misguided management at the BBC.

It was good to hear Tom Robinson accept the award for Best Use Of Multiplatform or Social Media for Now Playing @ 6 Music. This is a great little programme that invites listeners to take part and help build the playlist. It’s one of those programmes that you’ll love one week and turn off the next. But as I always say, it’s good to hear the unexpected, even if you don’t like it.

Sony Radio Academy Awards – Nominations Announced

Always an interesting event, the Sony Awards. When the winners match my own personal favourites, they’re spot on. When they give the prizes to programmes or presenters or radio stations I’m not that fond of, I have to wonder, what is the point?! But of course, that’s the nature of any awards ceremony.

The full list of nominations can be sound here:

Sony Radio Academy Awards | News | Sony Nominations Announced!!!.

And this is a list of those I’ll be rooting for:

Breakfast Show of the Year (10 million plus)
Heart Breakfast (London) – London’s Heart
KISS Breakfast with Rickie, Melvin and Charlie – KISS
I hear these at work sometimes, not impressed by either
The Chris Evans Breakfast Show – BBC Radio 2
I managed to put this on on my birthday, much to the consternation of my colleagues, but it was the best morning’s radio in the office for a very, very long time
The Christian O’Connell Breakfast Show – Absolute Radio
This comes on sometimes, and I’ve always liked Christian O’Connell, whether on Xfm or Absolute.


Best Music Programme
Fearne Cotton – BBC Radio 1
In Tune – BBC Radio 3
In: Demand Scotland – Bauer Radio Scotland
Michael Bublé – Magic 105.4
I’ve not heard any of these, so by default…
Steve Lamacq – BBC Radio 6 Music
would be my choice, although I rarely hear a whole show.

Best Entertainment Programme
Adam & Joe – BBC Radio 6 Music
At its best, this is a very funny show, and even when it’s not, the music is great

Music Radio Personality of the Year
Chris Evans – BBC Radio 2
Christian O’Connell – Absolute Radio
I think it’s between these two
Gemma Cairney – BBC Radio 1Xtra
Never listened to her
Huey Morgan – Wise Buddah Creative for BBC Radio 6 Music
Lauren Laverne – BBC Radio 6 Music
Both play some good music (Lauren maybe a little heavy on the hip-hoppy side for my taste), but this is the ‘personality category

Music Broadcaster of the Year
Jools Holland – BBC Radio 2
Mark Radcliffe – Smooth Operations (Productions Ltd) for BBC 6 Music & BBC Radio 2
I enjoy both of these programmes
Mistajam – BBC Radio 1Xtra
Never heard him
Sean Rowley – BBC Radio Kent
Not heard him here, but enjoyed his shows on GLR and BBC London
Tom Service – BBC Radio 3 for BBC Radio 3, 4 & 6 Music
Probably heard him, but sorry, doesn’t ring a bell

Speech Radio Personality of the Year
Alan Brazil – TalkSPORT
Alan Robson – Metro Radio
Danny Baker – Campbell Davison Media for BBC Radio 5 live
Richard Bacon – BBC Radio 5 live
Toby Foster – BBC Radio Sheffield
I’d vote for Danny Baker, even though I usually miss his 5 Live show, while hearing his BBC London one most days, but I don’t hear any of the others at all, so I may be missing something

Best Comedy
Adam & Joe – BBC Radio 6 Music
My favourite from this list
Another Case of Milton Jones – Pozzitive Television for BBC Radio 4
I found this a bit hit and miss, to be honest
Down The Line – Down The Line Productions for BBC Radio 4
Mark Steel’s In Town – BBC Radio Comedy for BBC Radio 4
The National Theatre of Brent’s Iconic Icons – CPL Productions for BBC Radio 4


Best Drama

A Tale of Two Cities – BBC Radio Drama London for BBC Radio 4
Damn, missed it, but as it’s my favourite Dickens book, I’m sure I either would have loved it, or been terribly disappointed
A Time to Dance – Sweet Talk Productions for BBC Radio 4
North by Northamptonshire – BBC Radio Comedy for BBC Radio 4
On It – Woolyback Productions for BBC Radio 4
Use It or Lose It – Falling Tree Productions for BBC Radio 3

Station of the Year (1 Million plus)
BBC Radio 4 Extra
BBC World Service
Radio City 96.7
I enjoy both of the BBC stations but don’t get to hear Radio City in my neck of the woods

UK Station of the Year
BBC Radio 2
BBC Radio 6 Music
Kerrang! Radio
Again, both of these BBC stations are on my presets, and I’ve heard Kerrang a few times but, well, maybe I’m just getting too old for too much of what my wife calls the screaming meemies, that is, very loud, guitar-based rawk music