Danny Baker on Radio 2 Breakfast Show?

As usual, I’ve been listening to Danny Baker on BBC London 94.9 this afternoon. My minor contribution today was to send a photograph of a Channel 4 logo made out of umbrellas.

But the main bombshell was towards the end of the show. Danny announced that for a week in April, he, Amy and Baylen would be presenting the BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show for a week, while Chris Evans is on holiday.

Now, I would love that. except, of course, I can’t hear the Radio 2 Breakfast Show while I’m at work. I have to put up with Heart or Magic or Jackie, or worse, Kiss or Capital. In fact, from my point of view, it might be a bad move, since I doubt they’ll also be broadcasting on BBC London in the afternoon as well.

Yes, I’m aware that Vanessa Feltz manages an early morning breakfast show on Radio 2 then skips down the corridor to broadcast a morning phone-in based show on BBC London, but that’s Vanessa.

While I would welcome Danny and the team on Radio 2, I can already feel the wrath of the larger Radio 2 audience who can’t see further than buffoon Danny Baker from many years ago. They’re probably still in shock from when Chris Evans took over the Breakfast Show.

I know, I know: it might all be a big joke. In the same way that Robert Smith of The Cure is going to be a guest on Wednesday. “Not this Wednesday? Oh, OK, we’ll let you know when.”